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Social media advertising

Turning a digital minefield into a social goldmine

Social media advertising

Every company knows that social media has become the most powerful tool ever for brands to reach highly targeted and relevant audiences. The ability to leverage data to your advantage has never been so strong.


Smoke Media is a Facebook and Instagram marketing partner, meaning we have been accredited by Facebook itself as a trusted partner for brands across its channels. We are also Snapchat ads certified.


Whether your goal is brand awareness, product exposure, web traffic or sales generation, we use robust advertising strategies, visually engaging content, specific and highly relevant targeting techniques and action-led, AB-split campaigns to achieve optimal results with your ad spend.


Of course, the various social media channels vary according to demographics, industry and content type. Our campaigns are audience-led so that we target the right people on their preferred channel with the most compatible content to achieve the best results.


And no campaign of any kind finishes there. We utilise the amazing platform analytics tools to gauge how a campaign is performing, and make any adjustments we think are necessary to optimise achievement even further.


Social media is evolving constantly and as an agency partner we have insight into any changes in procedure or algorithm updates which will affect future campaigns - so you know that with us, you’re never in the dark playing catch up.

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